Brenniston Medium Risk Workplace Portable First Aid Kit


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Available for bulk orders only. Minimum of three kits per order.

Grab and run a Brenniston Medium Risk Workplace Portable First Aid Kit to any first aid situation, knowing you’ve got it covered! It’s packed to treat everything from paper cuts to box-cutter mishaps, and organised like your great aunt’s sewing kit.

A Brenniston Medium Risk Workplace Portable First Aid Kit is our most popular first aid kit for larger offices and warehouses.

  • Comprehensive first aid to treat substantial and multiple injuries
  • Highly durable, chemical-resistant, Australian-made plastic case is lightweight and easy to clean and carry
  • Compartments and removable tray keep things organised and quick to find
  • Contents regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Developed under Australian First Aid in Workplace National Code of Practice
  • Proudly designed and produced in Australia

Suited to 1 to 25 people

Ideal for Large Office, Light Manufacturing, Warehouse

Who buys this? Office Managers, Production Managers, Site Managers

Kit Contents

1 x Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol Free (10)
1 x Antiseptic Spray 50ml
1 x Dressing Strips Plastic Latex Free 1.9cm x 7.2cm (50)
1 x Dressing Wound No. 14 Medium
1 x Dressing Wound No. 15 Large
1 x Dressing Combine Pad 10cm x 20cm
6 x Dressing Non adherent  5cm x 5cm
1 x Dressing Non adherent 10cm x 10cm
3 x Dressing Non adherent Lite 7.5 x 10cm
4 x Eye Pad Sterile Oval
5 x Gauze Swab Sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm (3)
3 x Bandage Conforming Elastic Gauze 5cm
3 x Bandage Conforming Elastic Gauze 7.5cm
1 x Bandage Crepe Medium 10cm x 1.5-4m
2 x Bandage Triangular Disposable 110cm x 110cm
1 x Tape paper hypoallergenic 2.5cm
5 x Burnaid Gel Sachet 3.5g (1)
8 x Eyewash Saline Ampoule 15ml
1 x Instant Ice Pack Disposable Small
1 x Scissors Sharp Blunt Stainless Steel 12.5cm
1 x Forceps Splinter Stainless Steel 12.5cm
3 x Bag Press Seal Assorted
1 x Blanket Thermal Accident
1 x First Aid Kit Sticker 14.7cm x 7.5cm
1 x Note Book & Pencil
1 x Safety Pins Assorted (12)
2 x Splinter Probes Disposable (5)
1 x Resuscitation Face Shield Disposable
1 x First Aid Instruction Sheet
10 x Glove Nitrile Disposable Blue Powder Free Large
1 x Empty Plastic Carry Case 
1 x Contents List

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Plastic Carry Case
Dimensions L40cm x W22.5cm x H14.5cm
Weight 1.95kg