Instant Ice Pack Disposable Large


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Instant Ice Pack Disposable Large relieves pain and reduces swelling from sprains, strains, toothaches and insect bites.

  • Ready to use and no need to freeze, so can be kept on-site for immediate application
  • Versatile treatment for muscular strains and sprains, stings, knocks and bumps, and overheating
  • Latex free and disposable
  • Large size measures 115mm x 235mm: ideal for hands, shoulders, knees, calves and thighs.

Instructions for use: 

1. Feel for the inner liquid pouch  

2. Twist and squeeze firmly the pack firmly, until you feel the inner pouch rupture with a 'pop'. Or lay the pack on a flat surface and hit with a closed fist.

3. Shake the pouch vigorously to disperse the activated cold ingredients

4. Wrap the cold pack in paper towel or thin dry cloth and apply to the injured area for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Ideal for Workplace First Aid Kits, Workplace First Aid Rooms, Recreational Environments

Who buys this? Workplaces, First Aiders