6 easy ways to lower workplace noise levels

Posted by Pia Abrahams on


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Workplace noise can cause temporary and permanent hearing damage among workers.

Apart from damage to workers’ hearing, exposure to constant and excessive workplace noise can cause other health problems including headaches, fatigue, irritability and digestive disorders. Constant and excessive workplace noise can also cause elevated blood pressure and increased susceptibility to colds and other minor infections.

Requisite steps need to be taken to ensure a safer workplace that protects your workers and visitors from possible hearing injuries and health risks.
Lowering workplace noise levels doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are 6 easy ways to effectively lower workplace noise levels:

1. Invest in the quietest workplace plant and machinery for the job and always ask the manufacturer or supplier for information about noise levels.

2. Change the way you do the job in the workplace. For example, glue don’t hammer, weld don’t rivet, lower don’t drop.

3. Reduce workplace noise levels at the source, by fitting silencers to exhausts, turning down the volume and changing fan speeds.

4. Isolate the source of the workplace noise with barriers, remote controls or sound-proof covers.

5. Reduce exposure levels in the workplace by restricting access to noisy areas, providing quiet areas for rest breaks and limiting time spent in noisy areas by rotating tasks.

6. Regularly maintain workplace equipment and tools to help lower noise levels.