About Us

Actually, it’s about you. We’re in the business of first aid and workplace safety because we care about making Australia safer.

Every one of our first aid components is TGA-approved because we care about your standards.

Our kits are produced on-site because we care about local industry.

And we’re 100% Australian-owned because we care about being on your doorstep.

It’s also about professionalism. We’re the trusted first aid and safety suppliers to government, industry, retail, universities, schools, and emergency services including Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Victoria Police, Queensland SES and Victoria’s CFA.

So who are we?

We are Michael Boltman and Pia Abrahams, Brenniston’s owner-managers since 2000 when we took on a 27-year-old industry stalwart and made it our own. Our fresh approach to first aid and safety combines our passion for ingenuity with over 40 years of Brenniston expertise.

Behind our range of first aid supplies and workplace safety equipment stands our team of dedicated industry specialists. You couldn’t be in safer hands.

Customer Service and Sales

Janet Ramsdale equips our Customer Service Team and Territory Managers with her first aid and medical industry knowledge of over 37 years.

Justin Seddon and Margaret Troon are your Territory Managers. Call 1300 730 079 to make an appointment, Victoria-wide.

Rebecca Avery is your one-stop Customer Service shop, taking care of your orders and accounts receivable inquiries on 1300 730 079.

Libby Wright, Tanya Humphrey and Michelle Stainforth are your First Aid Kit Auditors and professional box-tickers! Book into one of their diaries for a first aid kit check and re-stock program, or a one-off spruce-up, phone 1300 730 079.


Cameron Thorley ensures you’re getting quality, integrity and value-for-money across our entire product range.

Accounts Administration

Andrea McNeil deftly manages our red tape and accounts payable on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

First Aid Kit Production

Quality control is in the hands of our Production Team, which leaves no bandage unrolled and no expiry date unchecked.

Dispatch and Warehousing

Steve Campbell will have your goods picked, packed and despatched within 24 hours of a pre-midday order, product availability depending. Rick Tabone keeps our 1,050m2 warehouse supremely safe and infinitely organised, while Ben Mizzo goes where no courier can, delivering first aid and safety supplies direct to your door.

Our whole team is ready to meet your first aid and safety needs with a history of expertise behind us, and a commitment to making Australia safer today and in the future.

Browse our online store to find all the first aid supplies and workplace safety equipment you need.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us at 1300 730 079 to speak with our Customer Service team.