WHS Authorities

Brenniston workplace first aid provides a full range of first aid supplies and first aid kits to ensure workplace compliance across Australia.

As a business owner you are legally accountable to manage your workplace health and safety (WHS).

It is important to understand the health and safety requirements that apply to your type of business in order to correctly prepare for any accident or emergency.

As part of a business’s WHS responsibilities are the ability to respond to any accident or emergency in your workplace. It is recommended to follow this checklist to minimise risk and prepare your workplace

  1. Do you have an emergency plan?
  2. Have you done a first aid assessment of your business
  3. Do you have enough trained first aiders to cover unplanned staff absences
  4. Is the first aid equipment in your workplace easy to find and access?
  5. Does your workplace run emergency drills?
  6. Have you evaluated your business activities to identify areas of increased risk?

Each Australian state has its own WHS authority that oversees workplace OHS and workplace first aid. Health and safety inspectors can enter your workplace to check your compliance with Australian work health and safety laws. To find more information about these laws go to your state's WHS governing body.

A national model Code of Practice guideline was created by Safe Work Australia. This is designed as an overview of the standards required under WHS laws. These do not replace the WHS laws but rather give an overview.