Australian workplace first aid kits (2021)

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Not all workplace first aid kits in Australia are created equal.

Quality and price vary greatly. Cheaper kits are sourced directly from overseas, often with inferior supplies. Broken zips and tacky adhesive bandages that don’t stick can become more than mild annoyances. In a first aid emergency, poor quality first aid components put workers’ health and lives at risk.

Cheap workplace first aid kits are a false economy. They can leave companies and workers liable for offering insufficient workplace safety.

Safe Work Australia provides practical guidance into managing risks to health and safety and providing workplace first aid.

Most states and territories in Australia have different legislative requirements for workplace first aid and safety, but all workplaces, no matter their location, have a legal obligation to provide suitable first aid.

At Brenniston, we’re committed to providing premium first aid kits and supplies to make work a safer place for all Australians.


Choosing the right Australian workplace first aid kit ensures legislative compliance and workers’ health and safety

Australian first aid kits

Australian made first aid kits

Australian standards first aid kits

What are the best Australian first aid kits?

What should be in an Australian first aid kit?

How often should first aid kits be inspected?

Australian first aid kits supplies




All Brenniston workplace first aid kits are designed and produced in Australia

Australian made first aid kits

At Brenniston, we proudly design and produce all of our workplace first aid kits under stringent quality control at our manufacturing facility in Victoria, under Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Licence ID 145972.

Our workplace first aid kits range from compact Work From Home kits suitable for a single worker in a low-risk environment to much larger and more comprehensive kits to suit multiple workers in high-risk industrial environments.

We source premium local and imported first aid supplies from trusted manufacturers that meet industry standards, publish research and provide safety resources.

We support local industry, promote economic self-sufficiency and keep Australian workers secure under best-practice work health and safety conditions.


Brenniston National Standard makes compliance easy across Australian workplaces

Australian standards first aid kits

Varying legislation across states and territories makes it difficult for Australian employers and employees to ensure compliance.

Complexity in workplace first aid and safety leads to confusion and potentially harmful outcomes. That’s why we introduced the Brenniston National Standard in 2013, guided by the Australian Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace. This Code of Practice was developed by SafeWork Australia to provide practical guidance for those responsible for managing risks to health and safety at work under the WHS Act and Regulations.

By raising the benchmark in workplace first aid kit quality, we make it easy for Australian employers and employees to ensure compliance.

The Brenniston National Standard represents our commitment to supply premium, innovative and standards-guided first aid kits, designed and produced in Australia. It’s our seal of professional integrity.


Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit is an ideal high-performance kit for various workplaces

What are the best Australian first aid kits?

While we produce premium Australian-made workplace first aid kits, there is no single best Australian first aid kit.

The best Australian first aid kit is the one best suited to your particular workplace and the inherent risks and hazards there.

At Brenniston, we produce a range of premium Brenniston National Standard first aid kits for a range of workplaces; from Basic Workplace, Motor Vehicle, Complete Workplace and Mobile & Tradie environments to Food Handling, Industrial and Office & Warehouse workplaces. We also supply Work From Home as well as Virus Protection, Hygiene, Sharps and Blood Spill & Vomit Clean-Up kits. Many more specialist kits are available for specific risk profiles and industries.

Deciding on the best first aid kit for your workplace begins with a first aid risk assessment. This covers the type of work carried out, inherent risks and hazards, size and location of the workplace, and number and composition of people at the workplace. This includes workers as well as contractors, subcontractors, volunteers and visitors.


Brenniston National Standard Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit is the best kit for those whose vehicle is their workplace

What should be in an Australian first aid kit?

The contents of an Australian first aid kit will depend on the workplace.

A low-risk workplace with few workers will require different types and quanities of first aid supplies than a higher risk workplace with more workers.

Kit contents will also change depending on the kind of hazards and risks in a workplace. For example, a workplace with a higher likelihood of burns should carry more first aid supplies for burn injuries.

At a minimum, an Australian workplace first aid kit should provide basic supplies for administering first aid for injuries including:

  • scratches, grazes and splinters
  • cuts and punctures
  • sprains and strains
  • minor burns
  • major bleeding
  • amputations
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries
  • shock

Kits can be any size, shape or type to suit the workplace. They must be identifiable with a white cross on a green background and contain a list of contents.

Every Brenniston workplace first aid kit also contains a first aid instruction sheet or booklet to assist in an emergency.


National Food Handling Small First Aid Kit is ready to treat burns, cuts and wounds with visually detectable blue dressings, hydrogel and gloves 

How often should first aid kits be inspected?

Every first aid kit in your workplace should be fully inspected after each use.

Used first aid supplies will need to be replaced immediately to ensure the first aid kit and your workplace remains compliant. If a kit is not used, it should be inspected at least once every six months to ensure it contains a complete set of required items. The contents list in the kit should be signed and dated after each inspection.

It’s critical to check that supplies haven’t expired. Dispose of and replace supplies that have passed their expiry date as they may no longer be effective. Out-of-date supplies can also start to deteriorate, making them unsafe.

At Brenniston, our First Aid Kit Auditors can check your kits for compliance and expired supplies, and design a program to manage the first aid stock levels in your high-turnover kits and multiple first aid stations.

Call Brenniston Customer Care on 1300 730 079 to learn more.


Brenniston National Standard Office & Warehouse First Aid Kit is lightweight and easy to grab and run to an emergency

Australian first aid kits supplies

As a member of Sedex, we’re guided by the world’s largest collaborative platform for responsible sourcing on supply chains.

Where possible we source and distribute as many Australian-made first aid and hygiene supplies as possible, such as Burn Aid hydrogel and Aqium hand sanitiser.

We import products, such as bandages, that are not manufactured in Australia. We seek standards-approved premium products that are sold to Australian hospitals and medical facilities.

Because we want to help you make your work a safer place, we always prioritise quality over price.


Brenniston National Standard Blood Spill & Vomit Clean-Up Kit easily solidifies fluids, hygienically reduces risk of cross-contamination and provides instant disposal


In a workplace first aid emergency, premium quality first aid kits and supplies can save workers’ health and lives.

As Australia’s trusted workplace first aid specialist, Brenniston is committed to producing quality Australian workplace first aid kits to ensure your compliance and your workers’ health and safety.

Premium Australian first aid kits and supplies make work a safer place for all Australians.



Australian Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace

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