Be cautious when cooking

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

As the weather gets cooler, things start to heat up in the kitchen as we turn to soups, roasts and other slow-cooked, hearty meals.

Regardless of whether you’re a master chef or a rookie cook, there is always the danger of burns in the kitchen. Here are our hot tips on how to avoid kitchen burns and what to do when they happen:

  • Ensure stovetop pan handles are pointing to the back of the stove so they are less likely to be knocked over.
  • Step back when lifting lids off pots and pans,to avoid the hot steam.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothes and long sleeves while cooking and keep tea towels and utensils far away from the stovetop.
  • Keep hot meals away from the edge of the counter, especially when young children and pets are around.

In case of a burn

  1. Place the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes (not too cold and no ice or apply hydrogel if water is unavailable. BurnAid Gel, Spray or Dressing will help cool the burn, relieve pain and prevent further tissue damage.
  2. Cover the treated burn with a sterile non-adherent dressing or cling film and secure with a loose, open weave bandage.
  3. Avoid putting pressure on the burn.
  4. If the burn appears to be severe or infected, seek medical help.

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