Celebrating World Environment Day with Greenfleet

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

This World Environment Day we’re celebrating the impact we’re making with Greenfleet.

Greenfleet is an environmental not-for-profit organisation, which has been delivering climate action for over 25 years by restoring legally protected native forests that remove carbon and conserve biodiversity.  

At Brenniston, we're reducing our carbon footprint by partnering with Greenfleet across two carbon offset projects, which you can read about here.

Together, we're growing our forests and growing climate hope.

Recently, Michael and I took part in a tree-planting day at Glendalough, one of Greenfleet’s revegetation projects located on Boon Wurrung Country in Ferndale, South Gippsland, Victoria.

Amongst the rolling hills and birdsong we were welcomed to Country by a local Indigenous Elder, who invited us to cleanse and prepare for the day with a smoking ceremony.

While parts of the 240-hectare property being used for sustainable farming, half of it is being returned to native forest to build habitat for local wildlife, help reduce soil erosion and remove carbon from the atmosphere. This area is 50 times the size of the MCG, Australia’s largest sports ground.

Alongside an enthusiastic group of other Greenfleet supporters, we planted almost 1,000 native species such as Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis), Blue Gum (Eucalptus globulus) and Strzekecki Gum (Eucalyptus strzeleckii), a critically endangered tree species only found in the Strzelecki Ranges.

These trees will provide habitat for many native wildlife species including a variety of native birds and koalas. The Eucalypt species planted will support the return of Strzelecki Koalas, a species found in this area and one of the healthiest koala populations in Australia.

Other species planted at Glendalough include Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinosa), that often forms part of the understorey of Eucalypt forests, and Prickly Tea-tree (Leptospermum continentale), another understorey species that can provide nectar to bees, insects, and wildlife. 

Glendalough will make a significant impact on our climate and environment and demonstrates how critical climate action can go hand-in-hand with sustainable agricultural practices.

The forest Greenfleet is planting at Glendalough is legally protected for the next 100 years. Over that time, it will remove nearly 173,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere which is the equivalent of what 40,000 average vehicles emit in a single year. 

We are very proud of our partnership with Greenfleet and would encourage any workplace to consider supporting their planet-changing projects.