What’s in a Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit

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The Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit is the most popular kit in the range, living up to its name as a one-stop, hard-working, high-performance tool with a generous range of multi-purpose applications for a variety workplaces.

This kit was designed and developed in accordance with the Australian First Aid in the Workplace National Code of Practice and is intended to help you confidently deal with common first aid incidents at your workplace.

The contents of this kit are regulated by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, and it’s registered under our Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods licence number 145972, just like every other Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kit.

Is it a legal requirement to have a first aid kit in a workplace?

Every workplace in Australia is required by law to have a fully compliant and accessible first aid kit appropriate for the anticipated risks and hazards. Depending on the size and breadth of a workplace, more than one kit may be necessary.

Workplaces include factory floors, warehouses, workshops, retail stores and offices, to name a few. Building sites and vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, hire cars, delivery vans, and company fleets are also classified as workplaces.

Minimising risks to the health and safety of everyone in a business or organisation, not just employees, is part of workplace safety. The health and safety of customers, visitors, contractors, and volunteers all need to be taken into account.

What should be in a complete workplace first aid kit?

Bandages, adhesive dressings, antiseptic and gauze swabs are some of the most commonly used first aid items required in a workplace first kit.

Other items include sterile eye pads, burn gel, splinter probes and an instant ice pack. It’s critical to get a well-designed, high-quality first-aid kit that complies with workplace regulations.

If a government safety inspector comes to your workplace and finds that your first aid kits aren’t stocked with the necessary supplies within the correct expiry dates, you’ll be in serious trouble.

Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and possible jail time.

Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Ki

Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit

A Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit comes in a heavy-duty carry bag.

Reflective tape and a shoulder strap mean high visibility and grab-and-go capability in an emergency.

Inner and outer pockets keep everything organised and easy to find.

Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit has two large compartments.

There are two large transparent and easily accessible compartments on either side with a double-sided meshed sleeve in the centre.

The meshed sleeve neatly stores disposal gloves, thermal blanket, essential emergency instructions and a notepad and pencil to write down important information that may be required during or after a first aid incident.

Brenniston National Standard Complete First Aid Kit contains a range of dressings and bandages.

One compartment is brimming with dressings and bandages, including triangular, conforming and crepe bandages, wound dressings, extra-tough fabric strips and antiseptic spray.

Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit contains a large instant ice pack and other quality items.

The other compartment has a large instant ice pack which is ideal for immediately treating sprains and strains on-site as there’s no need for freezing.

There are also stainless-steel scissors, disposable splinter probes, and hypoallergenic paper tape. Quality safety pins, saline eye wash and burn gel is perfect for cooling burns when there's no clean running water nearby.

There are antiseptic wipes, low-adherent dressings that don’t stick to messy wounds, and assorted-sized bags for waste or amputated parts.

First aid staples like sterile gauze swabs to clean wounds and sterile eye pads to protect eye injuries are in good supply. And of course, a resuscitation face shield in case you need to give CPR.

The contents list helps you easily check and replace used or expired items.

First aid kit familiarisation

Before an emergency arises, familiarise yourself with your Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit.

Take each item out of the bag, understand what it is and how to open it in a hurry. Examine the first aid instructions and familiarise yourself with the relevant item you’ll need in an emergency at your workplace.

Brenniston National Standard

Every Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kit, Clean-Up Kit, Hygiene Kit, and Module is proudly designed and made in Melbourne.

This ensures our premium kits meet Australian workplace regulations, are quality controlled and support local industry.

In support of the environment, a portion of every Brenniston National Standard First Aid Kit you purchase is donated to planting carbon-absorbing native Australian forests with Greenfleet.

Brenniston is a 100 percent Australian-owned family business, here to help make your work a safer place from off-site to office and most places in between.

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