How to clean your roof gutters safely

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

Those phenomenal autumn leaves that looked so vibrant a couple of weeks ago are now sludging up our walkways and gutters.

Keeping your roof gutters clear of debris is important to avoid blockages during the rainy season ahead, but it comes with risks

Remember these tips from the team at Brenniston to help you stay safe when cleaning the gutters this autumn.

Safety first

Before climbing up a ladder, ensure it’s safely secured. Ideally have somebody hold the ladder beneath you.

Wear heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from sharp debris or spiders amongst the leaves.

If using a leaf blower, protect yourself from airborne particles with goggles and a dust mask. Keeping some eyewash on hand never goes astray!

You may be clearing the gutter for some time, so be sun smart and apply sunscreen and a wear hat.

If you’re left with any cuts or abrasions, clean thoroughly to avoid infection and apply a dressing if necessary.

If your house is higher than a single storey, hiring a professional gutter cleaner is your safest bet.

How to clean gutters

  1. Ensure that your ladder is safely secured, with a brush and bucket attached.
  2. Scoop out loose debris into the bucket. One hand should be collecting the debris, and the other should be holding the ladder to keep you balanced.
  3. Blast out the gutter with a hose or use a brush to sweep the gutter out. It’s okay if there is a small amount of debris left. The rain should wash this out.
  4. Clear drainpipe blockages. If the water backs up out the top of the drainpipe, it’s likely there’s a blockage. Clearing the drainpipe may be as simple as tapping on the side of the pipe.

Gutter guards and leaf catchers are available at large hardware stores to make cleaning gutters easier.

When to clean gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, though they should be checked frequently during autumn and winter for extra build up of debris.

Cleaning Gutters will help to prevent damage to your home’s roof and keep you safe from unexpected leaks and floods.

Happy safe cleaning!