How to use an instant ice pack

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Instant ice packs are fantastic when someone at work is injured and needs quick and efficient relief.

They offer instant treatment for sprains, strains, aches, stings and overheating by reducing swelling and alleviating pain.

With no need for freezing, instant ice packs are ready to use in any workplace emergency.

How big are instant ice packs?

Instant ice packs are flexible, latex-free and mould to the injured area. Choose the size depending on the extent of the area that requires application.

The small pack is 85mm x 160mm and ideal for areas like wrists, elbows, fingers and toes. The large pack measures 115mm x 235mm and is great larger body parts like hands, shoulders, knees, calves and thighs.


Instant ice packs are available in two sizes

How does an instant ice pack work?

Instant ice packs contain 50% water and 50% urea.

Twist and squeeze the entire pack to rupture the small inner pouch, which activates the immediate cooling process. Vigorously shake the ice pack to combine and disperse the active ingredients. If twisting and squeezing doesn’t work, lay the pouch on a flat surface and hit it with a closed fist.

Instructions for using an instant ice pack

Instant ice packs offer immediate treatment for common muscular injuries and stings

1. Feel for inner liquid pouch

Twisting and squeezing an instant ice pack activates the cold crystals

2. Twist and squeeze the pack firmly until you feel the inner pouch rupture with a “pop”

Hitting an instant ice pack will activate it if twisting and squeezing fails

3. If twisting and squeezing doesn’t activate the inner pouch, place the pack on a flat surface and hit it

4. Shake the pack vigorously to disperse the activated cold ingredients

5. Wrap the cold pack in paper towel or thin dry cloth and apply to the injured area for no more than 20 minutes at a time

How long does an instant ice pack last?

Instant ice packs are designed to stay cold for between 15 and 20 minutes.

This provides enough time to deliver proper care and treatment.

Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kits

Almost every Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kit contains an instant ice pack ready for sprains, strains, stings, knocks, bumps and bruising.

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