How to properly maintain your workplace first aid kits

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Workplace first aid kit item showing expiry date and lot number.

Maintaining well-stocked workplace first aid kits is crucial for ensuring employee safety and compliance with work health and safety regulations.

Neglected or poorly maintained kits can leave your workplace ill-prepared for accidents and medical emergencies, putting your employees and business at risk.

Since many businesses have different first aid kits for different environments – like factories, offices and motor vehicles - it’s critical to avoid common pitfalls by keeping them all in top condition.

Why proper first aid kit maintenance matters

Well-maintained first aid kits can mean the difference between providing timely and effective medical assistance, and exacerbating injuries due to lack of proper supplies.

By ensuring your workplace kits are properly stocked and organised, you can:

  • Respond quickly to minor injuries and prevent them from escalating
  • Provide immediate care for more serious incidents until emergency services arrive
  • Demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing and safe work environments
  • Meet legal requirements for workplace health and safety

Common pitfalls in maintaining workplace first aid kits

Despite the importance of maintaining first aid kits, many workplaces fall short due to various reasons, including:

Infrequent checks and restocking: Failing to regularly inspect and restock kits can lead to expired or depleted supplies when emergencies arise.

Improper storage: Storing kits in hard-to-find or unsuitable locations, such as areas prone to extreme temperatures or moisture, can compromise the integrity of the supplies.

Lack of proper training: Employees may not know how to properly use kit contents or recognise when items need replacing.

Step-by-step guide to maintaining your workplace first aid kits

Proper maintenance of your workplace first aid kits involves regular inspections and restocking.

You can follow these simple steps to ensure your kits are always ready for action:

1. Undertake regular inspections

Set a schedule to inspect your first aid kits at least monthly or more frequently if the kits are used often. During these inspections:

  • Check expiry dates on all supplies and replace any expired items.
  • Ensure adequate quantities of all items based on your workplace environment and the number of employees.
  • Look for any damaged or compromised items and replace them immediately.

2. Restock depleted supplies

After each use of any first aid kit, promptly restock any used or depleted items.

This ensures the kit remains fully stocked and ready for the next emergency. Consider creating a restocking checklist or maintaining a backup supply of commonly used items.

All Brenniston workplace first aid kits come with a contents re-order list, which makes it easy to replenish.

3. Ensure accessibility and proper storage

Location and storage of your workplace first aid kits are crucial factors in maintaining their readiness. 

Store kits in clean, dry, and easily accessible locations known to all employees. Use a First Aid Off-Wall Sign to clearly identify where first aid kits and facilities are kept. This safely directs people to first aid facilities in an emergency.

Avoid storing kits in areas exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as these conditions can degrade the supplies.

How to audit your workplace first aid kit

Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit Auditor carefully inspecting and checking various kits for compliance and expired stock.

Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit Checks and Audits

Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit Checks and Audits save you the stress of keeping your first aid kits up-to-date and up to standard.

Instead of maintaining the kits yourself, one of our Workplace First Aid Kit Auditors can attend your site, check your kits for compliance and expired stock, and design a program to manage the first aid stock levels in your high-turnover kits and multiple first aid stations.

Regular on-site first aid kit checks and audits give you peace of mind knowing that you’re maintaining inventory and no items are missing.

You’ll stay ahead of depletion and expiry issues while ensuring proper stocking levels, organisation and regulatory compliance at all times.

Our proactive approach is key to maintaining workplace first aid kits in prime response condition.

Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit refills makes properly maintaining kits quick, easy and hassle-free.

Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit Refills

Kit refills can be a quick and helpful tool for properly maintaining your workplace first aid kits.

Instead of purchasing individual items to restock depleted kits, Brenniston Workplace First Aid Kit Refills contain all the necessary supplies in the required quantities. This makes restocking fast and easy.

Ordering complete kit refills saves the hassle of counting and purchasing each component separately, and ensures consistency in your first aid supplies. Surplus items can be stored and rotated as back-up stock, or distributed across other kits and first aid facilities.


Proper maintenance of workplace first aid kits is crucial for emergency preparedness and employee safety.

By regularly inspecting, restocking and storing kits correctly, you ensure vital first aid supplies are always ready when needed. Neglecting first aid kit maintenance puts your workforce at risk and leaves your business non-compliant.

Well-maintained workplace first aid kits demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing and may prevent an incident from escalating.

Correct upkeep is a relatively simple yet essential step toward protecting your most valuable assets - your people.


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