Merry marathon season

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

Marathons and fun runs are hitting Australian roads throughout the coming months.

If you’re one of the thousands of participating athletes, you have our utmost respect! That’s why, with the combination of unpredictable weather conditions and extreme physical endurance, we want you prepared for the unexpected.

Here are our tips for staying safe while training and competing.

  • Warm up! Stretch, do some light jogging and loosen up those muscles before and after the run.
  • Dress appropriately. This includes good quality running shoes and socks, bright colours, reflective clothing and sun protection.
  • Keep your fluids up – feeling thirsty often means you’re already dehydrated. Drink in the lead-up to the event and throughout the run.
  • Manage a stich or side cramp by slowing down, breathing steadily and letting your body recover.
  • If you like to run to music, keep the volume low enough to be able hear what’s going on around you. Headphones and earphones reduce your awareness of potential dangers like oncoming cars, bikes and other people.
  • Know where the medical stations are located before your run begins.
  • Always carry a form of ID in case anything happens to you. Travel light and write your name, blood type and emergency contact on the inside of your shoe, or wear an ID tag on your wrist or laces.
  • Be sure to carry first aid essentials in case you lose your footing! Stocked with antiseptic wipes, dressings, bandage and more, the tiny Brenniston Personal Excursion First Aid Kit can be belt-looped or carried in a bumbag or ultra light backpack without fuss.

Follow these tips to stay safe in – and on – the long run!