National Burns Awareness Month: June 2018

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At Brenniston, we're recognising National Burns Awareness Month by talking about burns prevention and first aid treatment in the workplace.

To our surprise, 17.7% of respondents to the Brenniston National Workplace Safety Survey do not know how to treat a burn. Over 200 Australian workers have participated in our Survey so far.

You can learn to treat a burn in 3 simple steps below, but the best protection from burn injury is awareness. Minimise the risk of thermal, chemical and electrical burns in the workplace by:

  1. Following the rules: ensure workers follow manufacturers’ instructions in use of heat-related machinery and equipment
  2. Handling with care: establish safe manual handling procedures in all risk zones such as kitchens, plant rooms and labs
  3. Dressing the part: wear personal protective equipment such as enclosed slip-resistant footwear, heat resistant gloves and aprons
  4. Preparing for the worst: install risk-appropriate first aid kits, smoke detectors and fire blankets.
  5. Paying attention: place warning signs near hot equipment and surfaces, stay alert at all times and avoid working overtime in high-risk work zones.

First aid treatment for minor burns

  1. REMOVE all jewellery or clothing from the affected area unless it is stuck to the skin.
  2. COOL the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes to stop the burning process. If clean running water isn’t available use a hydrogel such as Burnaid gel. NEVER use ice, oil, butter or ointments as this can make the burn worse.
  3. COVER the burn with a hydrogel, then loosely apply a clean lint-free cloth or dressing to reduce the chance of infection.

In an emergency call Triple Zero (000)

Seek immediate medical advice if the burn is:

  • larger than a 20 cent coin
  • on the face, hands, groin or feet
  • deep or infected
  • caused by chemicals or electricity, or if signs of inhalation are evident (blackening around the mouth or nostrils, swelling of airways)

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