National Check Your First Aid Kit Day: 1 September 2017

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

National Check Your First Aid Kit Day: 1st September 2017 - Brenniston
National Check Your First Aid Kit Day: 1st September 2017

Is your First Aid Kit a Help or a Hindrance?

Mark your calendar: this Friday, 1st September is Brenniston’s “National Check Your First Aid Kit Day”. Brenniston is continuing its mission to make Australia safer by inviting you to check and refresh your first aid kits.

Why put your employees or family at risk with under-stocked or expired first aid supplies? An unchecked first aid kit could be a hindrance, not a help in an emergency.

Make the first day of Spring a reminder to ensure your workplace first aid kits comply with national safety guidelines, and your personal first aid kits properly take care of your home, recreational and travel needs.

In celebration of “National Check Your First Aid Kit Day”, Brenniston is offering 50% off all First Aid Kit Refill on 1st September 2017.

Updating your first aid kit with a complete Refill is the easiest way to ensure all supplies are in-date and fully stocked, all at once.

And if you’ve joined the war on waste, we recommend donating expired or un-used bandages, dressings, saline and gloves to local animal shelter Second Chance Animal Rescue which is in the process of setting up its own vet room to help animals in need. You can drop your donations at our Melbourne HQ on and around the 1st of September to help our furry friends.

Don’t put it off any longer: make “National Check Your First Aid Kit Day” this Friday, 1st September the day you take safety seriously, and support animal welfare at the same time.