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October is National Safe Work Month across Australia.

At Brenniston, we’re proudly supporting this important initiative to raise the profile of workplace health and safety for all working Australians. We’re a 100% Australian-owned family business and the leaders in Australian-made workplace first aid.

Safe Work Australia has launched this year’s theme around building safer workplaces nationwide. A free campaign kit is now available for download from their website.

“Think safe, work safe, be safe” is the theme for 2021. This encourages everyone to take responsibility for workplace health and safety.

The national promotion runs until the end of October. A variety of digital materials make up the campaign kit, including:

  • Digital brand kit
  • Hero image
  • Website header
  • Social media tiles
  • Email signature
  • Web badge
  • Posters

You can download these materials from the Resources link at Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month website page.

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National Safe Work Month 2021 - Think safe

Think safe is the first step towards workplace health and safety – most importantly the planning that Persons Conducting a Company or Undertaking (PCBUs) must do to identify hazards and keep workplaces healthy and safe.

PCBUs include all employers and small business owners around Australia. If you’re running a business in Australia, you have a legal obligation to keep your workers safe.

National Safe Work Month 2021 - Work safe

Work safe is all about implementing work health and safety measures to manage risks.

This includes the practical steps you can take to decrease risk and prevent workplace mishaps.

National Safe Work Month 2021 - Be safe

Be safe is the continuing practice of managing and monitoring work-related health and safety concerns.

Workplace safety is not a one-off investment. Maintaining workplace health and safety means regularly checking and evaluating processes, making appropriate changes, and keeping everyone updated to ensure your workplace is a safe place to be.

Safer workplaces for all Australians

There’s a range of health and safety activities you can undertake during October.

Joining National Safe Work Month allows you to customise and share official resources with your management, workplace, work teams, supervisor, and health and safety representative.

Follow Safe Work Australia on social media to keep up to date on new campaign materials and to share National Safe Work Month updates.


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