Why Officeworks has better first aid kits than Bunnings

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

Interior of a wall-mounted Brenniston National Standard Industrial Medium Risk First Aid Kit.

In Australia, many people pick up a first aid kit for their workplace from Officeworks or Bunnings.

These big-box retailers have plenty of convenient locations, huge stores and a wide range of goods. With lots of handy car parking.

Prices vary across products and aren’t necessarily the cheapest. They generally offer their most attractive discounts on big-ticket items, challenging specialty stores and smaller retailers.

While independent first aid companies have to compete strenuously against  these high-profile national retailers, it's essential that first aid kits are so readily available so that every workplace in Australia is able to fulfill its legal obligation to keep workers safe.

Workplace first aid kits in Australia

Every Australian workplace is required by law to have a fully compliant first aid kit that is appropriate for the anticipated dangers and hazards there. More than one kit may be required depending on the size and scope of a workplace.

Factory floors, warehouses, workshops, shops, and offices are just a few examples of workplaces. Workplaces also include building sites, motor vehicles, ships, and aircraft, as well as private houses, where work is done for a business or endeavour by employees or small business operators working from home.

When it comes to workplace first aid kits, price and quality varies enormously. Cheaper, poor quality first aid kits can create a false economy. They can leave companies and workers liable for providing insufficient workplace safety measures.

According to independent online reviews, Officeworks offer a wider range of better-quality workplace first aid kits than Bunnings.


Officeworks has been helping Australians at work for more than 25 years.

As Australia’s largest retailer of office supplies, furniture and technology, Officeworks focuses on delivering an extensive range of products and great service.

With 167 stores Australia-wide and more than 40,000 products available on its website, Officeworks makes buying office and workplace supplies easy and straightforward.


Bunnings is Australia’s leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products, and a major supplier to builders, tradespeople and the housing industry.

Bunnings has two general operational formats: smaller Bunnings stores which stock a more limited range of hardware, and larger Bunnings Warehouses which carry more comprehensive hardware ranges and garden supplies, including plants. The warehouse format accounts for 167 of 280 stores around Australia.

A Brenniston National Standard Industrial Medium Risk First Aid Kit.

Workplace first aid kits at Officeworks

Officeworks is committed to keeping Australian workplaces safe by offering a comprehensive range of first aid kits and supplies that enable workers to attend to first aid incidents on-site.

Workplace first aid kits from well-known brands like Brenniston Workplace First Aid, Trafalgar and St John’s are stocked in the majority of Officeworks stores and online.

Officeworks stocks the full range of Brenniston National Standard premium workplace first aid kits. These kits have been designed for specific workplace categories, making it easy for buyers to choose the right one for their business, whether they operate from an office, motor vehicle, factory, warehouse, café or building site, to name a few.

Brenniston National Standard Basic Workplace First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Mobile and Tradie First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Complete Workplace First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Industrial Medium Risk First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Blood Spill and Vomit Clean-up Kit

Brenniston National Standard Food Handling First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Office and Warehouse First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Work From Home Family First Aid Kit

Brenniston National Standard Work From Home Personal First Aid Kit

Brenniston designs first aid kits specific to the style of work and activities at your workplace, ensuring that risks and hazards are accommodated safely and professionally.

We make our first aid kits under Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Licence number 145972 with contents regulated by the TGA.

They are created for Australian workplaces, made in Australia and adhere to national safety guidelines.

Workplace first aid kits at Bunnings

Bunnings has a limited range with only four kits available.

These kits are available in 30-piece, 75-piece, 101-piece and 180-piece in nylon bags and plastic carry cases and cabinets. On the Bunnings website, these kits do not specify which workplaces they suit, and are not listed as adhering to national safety guidelines or the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Special orders for a Workplace First Aid Kit Essentials Refill Pack can be made by special order in-store, or through Bunnings online.

Such a limited range of kits makes it difficult to choose the right kit for your workplace, follow national regulations and maintain work health and safety compliance.