Work From Home update

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

To combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, State and Federal governments are strongly encouraging people to work from home.

Australian employers are still legally obliged to maintain WHS standards for staff who are working somewhere other than their usual workplace, including from home. This includes access to suitable workplace first aid supplies.

Employers are required to consult with at-home workers and undertake a risk assessment to minimise the risks present at their home. The employer should provide guidance on what makes a safe home office environment, familiarise workers with good ergonomic practices, maintain daily communication with workers and provide continued access to an employee assistance program.

Ideally, an employer should appoint a contact person in the business that workers can talk to about any concerns. Working from home may change, increase or create work health or safety risks. 

Safe Work Australia recommends employers consider how existing policies and procedures apply when working from home, including:

• Notification of incidents, injuries hazards and changes in circumstances

• Consultation and review of work health and safety processes

• Attendance, timesheets, leave and other entitlements and arrangements

At Brenniston, we have a range of Work From Home first aid kits that suit common risks associated with working from home. 

Cases of the COVID-19 virus are increasing in Australia and the situation is changing rapidly. You can access the latest news, updates and advice from state government agencies and the Australian Government Department of Health. 

Safe Work Australia provides expert advice for employers.