Wound Awareness Week: 15-21 July 2019

Posted by Pia Abrahams on

Wounds are estimated to cost the Australian health system $3 billion every year, with 420,000 cases of chronic wounds annually.

If a wound doesn't progress through the normal healing cycle, it's considered "chronic". Chronic wounds lead to physical and health complications, social and emotional issues and financial costs for sufferers and their families. 

Learn to recognise the warning signs of a chronic wound:

1. Pain, heat, redness or swelling around the infected area

2. A strange or unpleasant odour

3. Slow healing period in excess of one month, or the wound keeps returning

4. Fluid that is excessive, thick and yellowish

Chronic wounds should always be seen by a health professional.

Accidental wounds at the workplace are very common, and not exempt from turning chronic. They can happen at the office, on the road, on a building site or in the field. 

Always use a premium dressing to promote healing and prevent infection, ensuring the wound is clean and dry before applying.