How to use a wound dressing

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Sterile wound dressings help stem the flow of blood in a serious laceration or acute open wound injury.

What are the benefits of a wound dressing?

A wound dressing is a highly effective first aid application that could save a life.

A wound dressing consists of a thick, super-absorbent cotton pad that draws and soaks exudate (blood, fluids) away from a wound. The dressing pad provides comfort and protection from debris or foreign matter causing bacterial infection.

The pad is attached to a cotton gauze bandage, which secures it to the wound and lightly compresses the injured area to immobilise and control bleeding.

Wound dressings come in three sizes: Small (No.13), Medium (no.14) and Large (no.15), to suit different types of wounds. Every dressing is packaged sterile, and can be quickly and easily torn open in an emergency.

Wound dressings are lightweight and compact to fit any first aid bag, box or cabinet.

How do you cover an open wound?

A wound dressing is designed to be applied directly to a wound.

Workplace first aid wound dressing in its easy-tear wrapper

1. Choose the size appropriate to the wound.

Unwrapping workplace first aid wound dressing

2. Open the pack and unwrap the gauze leader bandage.

Placing workplace first aid wound dressing with cotton pad face down

3. Place the attached sterile cotton pad face down on the wound.

4. Wrap the gauze bandage firmly around the cotton pad to hold it in place.

Brenniston National Standard Workplace First Aid Kits

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