Medical Emergency ID Pouch - Pink - Medium


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Medical Emergency ID Pouch Pink Medium is an easily identified, personal medical bag commonly used by people with anaphylaxis, diabetes or asthma.

  • Made from high quality, lightweight neoprene, which is buoyant, thermally insulated and heat/water resistant
  • Follows the latest Anaphylaxis Management Recommendations from ASCIA and The Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Safely fits two adrenaline auto-injectors plus other medications
  • Personal Emergency ID card slides into the display window for quick identification, medical details and next-of-kin information
  • Carabiner provides portability, or can be hung from a fixed access point
  • Medium-size Medical Emergency ID Pouch is 21cm x 16cm

    Ideal for Workplaces

    Who buys this? Workplaces, Anaphylaxis Sufferers, Childcare Centres