Workplace First Aid Kits - Workplace First Aid Kit Week

Because we want to make your work a safer place, we’re putting workplace first aid kits firmly on the agenda,

Workplace First Aid Kit Week is an annual opportunity for you or your employer to step up your safety with a workplace first aid kit. An up-to-date, regularly checked first aid kit can vastly improve the potentially tragic outcome of a workplace accident.

Workplace First Aid Kit Week is also a reminder that every Australian business is required to comply with Work Health and Safety regulations. Did you know that every Australian worker must have access to a first aid kit?

In our National Workplace Safety Survey, we made some staggering discoveries. Of 300+ respondents surveyed across Australia:

45% knew of an injury at their workplace in the past 12 months

33% nominated first aid kits as a means to improve safety at their workplace 

31% were unsure whether their workplace required a first aider

29% didn’t carry a first aid kit in their work vehicle  

19% were unaware that first aid supplies have an expiry date

15% were unsure who was the first aider at their workplace

A workplace first aid kit is the simplest way to step up your safety at work.

2019  Workplace First Aid Kit Week will be held 2-7 September.