Workplace First Aid- Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace safety should be the highest priority of any business.

Yet each year, hundreds of thousands of Australian workers suffer a workplace injury or illness. Last year, almost 200 Australian workers died at work.

If your business fails to provide a safe workplace, the owner can be prohibited from operating, issued a fine of up to $800,000 or end up in prison.

Suitable first aid kits, first aid supplies and first aid equipment are key to ensuring safety in the workplace.

It’s critical you properly assess your workplace.

How do you assess workplace first aid requirements?

There are four essential questions you need to answer to assess workplace first aid requirements.

Question 1. What is the nature of the work?

Is it a high, medium or low-risk business?

For example, steel manufacturing is a high-risk business while a warehouse is medium-risk and a small accounting firm low-risk.

Question 2. What are the hazards at the workplace? 

Is there machinery at the factory? Do they use a forklift? Is there a burns risk in the kitchen?

Question 3: What is the size and location of the workplace? 

How many different work areas are there? Is it remote or far from emergency services? Are workers ever more than three minutes from a first aid kit? 

Question 4: What is the size and composition of the staff and others? 

Are there contractors, subcontractors and volunteers on site? Does anyone have a disability or known health concern? Are there students, spectators or other members of the public around?

Many businesses find Australian workplace safety regulations complex and confusing. We’re here to help make your work a safer place with simple, sustainable and efficient solutions.  

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