Brenniston Burn Module Dry


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Brenniston Burn Module Dry aids the treatment of common and severe burns.

  • Non-adherent dressings and burn sheet protect the burn after the application of running water or hydrogel
  • Module fits in a larger or kit, or keep it accessible in a first aid room or with other first aid supplies
  • Label includes instructions for quick reference, as recommended by the Australia & New Zealand Burn Association

Ideal for Larger Workplace First Aid kit, Medium Risk Workplace First Aid Kit

Who buys this? Industrial Workplaces, Restaurants, Caterers, Cafes

2 x Non-adherent Dressing Lite 7.5cm x 5cm 
2 x Non-adherent Dressing Lite 10cm x 7.5cm 
1 x Burns Dressing 7.5cm x 7.5cm