Dust/Mist Respirator P2 Disposable (20)


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Dust/Mist Respirator P2 Disposable (20) offers protection from air-borne hazards including wood, brick, concrete and metallic dusts, oil fumes and paint mists.

  • P2 rated for protection against mechanically and some thermally generated particles (dust and mist)
  • Contoured shape fits comfortably and seals correctly according to instructions
  • Can be worn with glasses or goggles for added safety
  • Durable, lightweight material makes for easy wearing for a maximum of 8 hours* 
  • Dual head strap optimises fit and is latex free
  • Metal-free reduces the risk of igniting a spark 
  • Resealable poly bag ensures masks remain hygienically stored
  • AS/NZS 1716

*It is the user's responsibility to read all packaging information in regards to safe application and usage.

The P2-rating meets Australian Standard AS/NZS1716, filtering particles at a 0.03 micron level at a minimum of 94% efficiency in line with the standards. P2 is the EC equivalent of N95, which is the American version. Both are tested to the same regulations and give the same level of protection to the wearer.

The contoured shape comfortably seals the mouth and nose to achieve efficient filtration of airborne particles when fitted and adjusted correctly in line with the enclosed instructions.

Ideal for Woodworking, Grinding, Sanding, Construction, Food Processing, Painting, Metal Working, Agriculture and Horticultural Spraying, Warehousing, Lab Work

Who buys this? Tradies, Foundry Workers, Mechanics, Painters & Decorators, Agriculturists, Horticulturists, Pharmacists, Process Workers