HeartSine 350P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator (AED) with Case


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HeartSine 350P Defibrillator (AED) with Case is a uniquely easy to use life-saving device that almost anyone can effectively use. 

  • Simple 3-step operation is suitable for use by lay-people, semi-professional and professional medical responders
  • Visual and audio prompts include metronome for correct CPR speed
  • Unique Pad-Pak combines battery and electrode pads in a single cartridge, with only one expiry date to monitor and one part to replace, improving cost efficiency
  • Interchangeable with Adult and Paediatric (Child <8yrs) Pad-Paks
  • 8-year full warranty on AED hardware gives peace of mind
  • 4-year expiry on Pad-Pak delivers longevity and economy
  • IP56 dust and moisture protection rating is the highest in the industry
  • Sofware updates and event data downloadable via USB
  • Includes one Adult Pad-Pak
  • Includes shock-proof carry case with no need to remove prior to operation, saving precious time

Ideal for Workplaces, Sports and Recreation, Councils, Aged Care, Hospitality, Public Facilities

Who buys this? Industrial Workplaces, Remote Workplaces, Sports Clubs, Sports and Recreation Centres, Councils, Shopping Centres