Military Trauma and Haemorrhage Dressing Bandage 15cm x 18cm


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Military Trauma and Haemorrhage Dressing Bandage 15cm x 18cm applies direct pressure to rapidly control heavy bleeding in a trauma wound caused by motor vehicle or workplace accident or gunshot, knife and other assault wounds.

  • Combines multiple working parts into a single, highly effective, first response trauma bandage including:
    • Wide elasticised leader bandage with loop handle
    • Pressure applicator to provide immediate, effective direct pressure and a buckle for the bandage leader
    • Highly absorbent, non-adherent sterile dressing pad
    • Non-adherent plastic sheet to seal in moisture over exposed organ wounds or burns
    • Stop-and-go bandage release system to prevent accidental unravelling
    • Built-in closure bar to replace pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots
    • Closure bar to tighten and exert more direct pressure on the wound prior to final closure
  • Vacuum-sealed for cleanliness and space-saving
  • Quick and easy application and single-handed self-application with training.
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Ideal for High Risk Workplaces

Who buys this? Emergency Services, Military