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Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators


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The Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators is a heavyweight, premium-quality bandage with flexible graphic indicators to help any user apply it effectively.

The Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators is essential for outdoor workers and first aiders to take into the field, on camps or any outdoor adventure.

  • Graphic indicators show the correct level of compression under the pressure immobilisation technique - the most effective treatment for snake bite
  • The compression is correct when the rectangle graphic indicators stretch out to become squares.
  • Unique stitching technology maintains correct and even pressure
  • Bandage is extra long and wide to easily cover an adult leg
  • Recommended for all Australian snake and funnel-web spider bites, blue-ringed octopus and cone shell stings
  • Regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods Administration

Ideal for Outdoor and Remote Workplaces, Agriculture, Recreational Activities, School Camps

Who buys this? Councils, Field Workers, Landscape Gardeners, Farmers, Schools

Make your work a safer place with a Brenniston National Standard Snake Bite First Aid Kit or Snake Bite Premium First Aid Kit  easily accessible at all outdoor worksites.

Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

Suited to 1 person

Dimensions 10cm x 10.5m stretched

Weight 0.10g